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Our Web teams having creating websites since 1990 and using HTML 1.0. Our Web teams constantly training for the new trends in web design. Through a custom CMS, we can give you power over your website without easy hacking. Most CMS like Drupal and many other CMSs are hacked through a number of weaknesses, this is mainly due to the number of sites out there running them. When patched generally a new hole is found.

Our CMS is actually built into your website, not your website being built into a CMS. Thus it gives you more power over your website and who can edit certain areas of your website. The great thing about how are CMS works is it is built upon HTML5 making it hard to identify as a CMS and make the site looks static making hackers going somewhere else for an easy hack other than yours which would be a harder hack.

Specialists in Healthcare MSSP

Not only can we keep your networks running, we can keep hackers out and will keep HHS happy.

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