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Using Third-Party Screenshot Apps are a Privacy Concern

  • Cy-Quest 

Screenshotting is an easy and effective way of sharing the contents of your display, but they are equally as dangerous as they are useful.

Screenshotting is used by millions worldwide to share information and photos via a couple easy buttons on a smartphone, but on PC it’s a whole process. Because the process isn’t clear on Windows, people download third party apps to do so. Some of these apps are good, but some, like LightShot, pose a security risk to the unknowing.

LightShot makes screenshotting simple. Push one button on your keyboard and the display fades to gray, and you can click and drag to select the area that you want to screenshot. The app makes it easy to share too, giving the user multiple social media sites to share to, including the option to create a link. When your screenshot is uploaded, it will give you a link, followed by a 6-digit alpha-numeric code. You can then share this link with friends and family.

The issue is, others can see this screenshot too. The link can be basically guessed and accessed by unwanted parties all around the world. All they must do is guess the 6-digit code that was tagged to your screenshot when you uploaded it. Websites like Chris Hannah’s Random website can be used to show random screenshots anyone has ever loaded on to the website, like Facebook conversations, passwords, banking information, private photos and even social security numbers all on this site for everyone to see.

This is concerning because people who are not trained in areas of security, such as employees, will unknowingly leak private information onto the web. People with malicious intent can use this information against your company and your employees, so it’s important to train your employees about online security. We can assit with the training of employees call us at (210) 761-3332

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