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Our Support Teams

Our support teams are available 24/7 by telephone to answer your emergency calls. At any time one of the techs from these teams can be dispatched to your location. Support teams also monitor your network, endpoint systems, and any cybersecurity attacks coming in. One of the best stories we can tell a client is that one night in May; our support agents were monitoring a network. They started noticing computers shutting down for no reason. They checked with the tier 3 NOC to see if anything was going on. They found out that no updates or security issues we're going on, they called 911. The police arrived at the location to find two teenagers loading computers from the doctors' office into a waiting automobile. You will see there are many benefits of 24/7 monitoring besides what is normally an IT problem.

The many benefits of our support teams are the fact that they are there 24/7. They will help with other problems like questions you might have about Microsoft Office or just general questions about the internet. They are also there as Emergency Response Team in case you get hacked or Vital systems go down.

Specialists in Healthcare MSSP

Not only can we keep your networks running, but we can also keep hackers out and will keep HHS happy.

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