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New finding show the need for Home Office protection.

Positive Technologies analyzed the Q3 2021 and found that attacks and cyberespionage against individuals, Home Offices and residental have increased, along with attacks involving remote access malware (RATs). With this being said, the need for office type cybersecurity is needed for Home based offices and the families that share the network.

In spite of a decline in attacks against computers, servers, and network equipment, attackers found a penchant for data – resulting in the rise of RATs. There has been a spike in ransomware attacks against individuals, Home Offices and residental due to phishing and cyberespionage campaigns targeting government employees, media employees, and industrial companies.

Threat actors are constantly refining their malicious tactics and techniques. Although there have been a lot of defense-related improvements, ransomware will still be a threat in 2022. Thus, organizations are advised to fortify their cybersecurity posture through implementing a robust defense. To stay safe, it is recommended that individuals, Home Offices and residental look in to the service offered by Cy-Quest Global.

Due to some major ransomware players leaving the market, attacks in Q3 2021 decreased by 4.8% as compared to Q2. This was seen in the industrial sector where ransomware attacks plunged to 32% from 80% in Q2 2021.  Attacks against organizations decreased by 22% while the attacks against individuals seen a rise of 14% from 12%. In 62% of the hacks sensitive information was leaked. Some fell prey to APT groups, accounting for 5% of all attacks. RATs rose 36% in malware-based attacks against organizations and accounted for half of all malware attacks against individuals.

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