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Outsorcing your cyber-security staffing can saves money


Cyber-security is an ever-evolving field and one that must be constantly monitored to ensure the safety of your business. While it might seem like a good idea to keep your cyber-security team in house, there are benefits to hiring outside help.

As with any business decision, there are pros and cons to hiring an outside cyber-security firm.

  • Pros
  • Your company will get the benefit of a fresh set of eyes on its network and systems. The outside company will be able to identify potential issues that you may have missed or overlooked, as well as provide recommendations for improvement.
  • There are many different types of cyber-security companies, from full-service to those that only offer specific services such as information security assessments or penetration testing. Hiring an outside firm allows you to choose which areas you feel need the most attention, then hire a company that specializes in those areas specifically.
  • Cons
  • The cost associated with hiring an outside firm can be expensive depending on what type of service is needed and how long it takes them to complete their work assignments (some companies charge by the hour). However, some companies offer flat rate pricing which may work better depending on your budget and needs.

Consider your resources.

Before you consider outsourcing, ask yourself what resources you have and what you need. When it comes to your cyber-security staff, consider whether or not they’re the right fit for what they’re doing. If their time is better spent elsewhere, perhaps in training or performing due diligence on current projects, then outsourcing is an option worth considering. You may also want to evaluate how many hours of work per week are required for each employee and determine if those hours can be outsourced instead of being filled by full-time employees.

Finally—and this is important—you should think about how much money your company has available for staffing costs (or can borrow). Companies that are cash-strapped might want to consider outsourcing if it means saving money from these expenses while still maintaining their cybersecurity capabilities by turning over some duties (and tasks) that don’t require intensive training or expertise

Consider your processes.

  • Consider your processes.
  • Think about what you need to do, and whether it should be done by humans or computers.
  • If you outsource a process, consider if the same job can be done by someone else in-house instead of outsourcing it.

Consider your expertise.

Question yourself on whether or not you have the time and knowledge to train someone new. Do you have the time to train someone new? Will it be worth investing in training a cyber-security expert, or should you look for an agency with an existing team of experts? Can a new employee be trained quickly enough to meet your needs, or would it be better to outsource your staffing needs so that they can focus on their job while another company handles security concerns?

The most important thing is to consider which option will work best for your business. A lot of companies find that outsourcing their cyber-security staffing allows them to focus more on what they do best while having access to someone who is already trained and experienced in this area.

Outsorcing Your Cyber-security Staffing saves money

There are many reasons to outsource your cyber-security staffing, including:

  • Saving money on salaries and other expenses. This is the most obvious way that outsourcing saves money. In addition, if you’re outsourcing to a provider who is located in another country, they can be paid less than your U.S.-based employees because of differences in labor costs (and perhaps also because they’re working harder).
  • Saving time and resources by not having to hire and train new staff members or contract with outside vendors. Many cyber-security professionals are willing to do this kind of work as long as it’s profitable for them—but if you need someone right now without having any resources available yourself, then it may take months before you can get them up to speed on all their new responsibilities! By then it could already be too late…


In the end, the decision to outsource your cyber-security staffing is a personal one that you need to make. But the benefits are clear: it can save time and money while also giving you access to more resources. As with any business decision, there are pros and cons to hiring an outside cyber-security firm. However, if you keep these considerations in mind, then outsourcing may be right for your business.

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