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Open Door site offers more than Business Intel

The Russian Federation has collected massive amounts of information about American businesses and citizens. The site is run on the Tor system. Cy-Quest Global managed to get partial information about a few companies that are listed on the site. The site has a brokerage company out of Pakistan that runs under the name United States business intelligence. Some of the ads they have run that offer the ability to get information about companies and their employees.

Some of the information list about businesses includes files downloaded with company information in it. Some have vulnerabilities and others have information on how to access each computer. This is detrimental for businesses because it allows competitors to access their systems as administrators and Shadow it. We have discovered that they’re using several different methods to maintain the ability to login. Many times it is done through an update or a push update stating that Microsoft is wanting to update a certain program and it installs a remote administrative package during that update. We have seen other updates from other remote Administration software packages requesting similar updates. They are using their installations to complete network pathfinding like ransomware, but with the installation of Shadow IT remote log-in capabilities. These remote logins are near impossible to find. They use current software that administrators use to log on to remote business computers, but they can install small programs like malware that is seen as programs like older ver of Putty.

On personal information gathered by Russian foreign intelligence Bureau, they utilize the same push capabilities to add a software package to cell phones, tablets and laptops on the business Network, or any of their private and public Networks that this has been installed on. This gives them the capability to be able to see full activity on any Android or iOS phone system. This includes all text messaging, email, phone calls, social media, and the ability to see all the pictures currently on the phone. The information gathered from the phones even shows data in the secured folders. The systems once infected now create the opportunity to infect home networks.

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  1. Looks like you are doing your homework. Shame others don’t look as hard as you do. Keep it up superman. All eye are on you great Hearney.

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