Network Operations Center


Our Network Operations Center or NOC is a state-of-the-art monitoring system. These guys monitor everything from Network Health, security and even sets your employees Cyber Security training. They also created the policies that are in place to make sure your business can run through many disasters and employee sabotage. These guys check the validity of each backup to make sure that it is good and ready to go if you need it. They watch for breaches and other types of infiltration including physical virus placements throughout the system.

We do train your employees against many Cyber Attacts so they are ready to help be the solution not be the problem. Above we mentioned employee sabotage, this happens more than you might think. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly said the employee had changed parts of the company's manufacturing operating system code and sent "highly sensitive" company data to outside parties. We will be your first line of defence and can work with your HR personel to prepare for an employee termination.

Specialists in Healthcare MSSP

Not only can we keep your networks running, we can keep hackers out and will keep HHS happy.

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