HIPAA Compliance Teams

Here to get you ready for an HHS Audit

Our HIPAA Teams

Our HIPAA teams audit doctors' offices, clinics, or hospitals to verify that compliance standards are being kept. They work closely with our cybersecurity teams to make sure your networks and computers are running to state standards. They are also there to act as your HIPAA officers and through the portal, we provide training for your employees upon hire as part of their onboarding so they are compliant and ready to start work. Through our portal, we also offer a way to report any changes plus we help with all the audits that doctor offices, clinics, and hospitals have to do yearly. They also helped develop the policies and procedures required by each state all at the cost of our subscription base determined by our HIPAA team.

So, to put it. We do a complete Audit, similar to HHS, and to build everything you need so you are running legally.

Specialists in Healthcare MSSP

Not only can we keep your networks running, but we can also keep hackers out and will keep HHS happy.

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