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Cybersecurity needs changes as the attacks change.

Today I am going to create a three-part article. The first part is going to cover entrepreneur, small businesses and home-based business’s Cybersecurity needs. The second is going to cover work at home workers and how they can affect their home network. The next is going to be about residential protection.

The start we are seeing a new trend in hacking. Hackers stopped focusing on large businesses, started putting more focus on small businesses. The individual user is counting as a home business owner, a work from home employee and a home user. I am going to go through entrepreneurs, small based businesses and telling you what we have seen. My closing paragraph will contain solutions for both parties.

Entrepreneurs have lost funding following a breach.

I’m going to start off with the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are a special breed of businessperson. Many times, they’re able to gain quick funding and I should say a large amount of quick funding. They tend to step into their idea and get it rolling as fast as possible.

What we have seen is entrepreneurs do not prepare for a cyber-attack. We’ve seen many entrepreneurs lose funding due to a hack that funnels funding out. Most entrepreneurs think they need to save money before they put key security into place.

Now I’m going to dive into small based businesses. Our small based businesses keep America going. Small based businesses include companies with 20 or less employees or stand-alone person. Now a lot of these small businesses do not believe they can afford a cybersecurity package.

When a business gets hacked it generally costs about 10 years of cybersecurity all in one shot. After getting hacked, within the first 2 days it will cost about $190,000. I will go we’ll go over what the hundred and ninety thousand will pay for and how it will affect the business. Companies like Cy-Quest Global have cybersecurity packages that are affordable. Most of our services cost less than the phone service.

Small Business breaches cost more than the protection.

Now to protect these businesses, Cy-Quest Global uses an enterprise-class service. This includes the best cybersecurity team that can work together with your it team. Often, many businesses say that they have a IT team handling the cybersecurity. Many times, they do fall short. We have seen where a company has fallen short since they have only an IT team and not a cybersecurity team. When breached, the IT team generally, throws the owner under the bus. This saves their own butts from getting charged a lot of money.

The way Cy-Quest Global can help small businesses, is our dedicated cyber security team. Plus, our dedicated it team to work with your it team or to be your it team. With our teams we track several companies. We also use AI systems. One helps us on the cybersecurity side and the other helps us with the it side. This generally makes it so that our costs are far less than hiring your own teams. Cy-Quest Global can to help companies keep their technology up to date. This will be reducing the risk of hacks or breachs. Our services do come with 24-hour active monitoring and breach detection.

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