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In the early days, we started off as a BBS titled Terra-X. This BBS offered services throughout the whole state of Arizona. We offered the early forms of email, door games, file sharing, and MP3s. Within a few years, we did a transformation.

The transformation created a new company call Terrabyte computers. We offered a full-service IT company, Network Repair, and home computer repair. After a while, we offered a dial-up connection to the internet in all 50 states.

In 2003 we transformed one more time. We now change our name to Cy-Quest Media and offered everything that we were offering before plus everything multimedia. We produced radio shows, television shows, and commercials. We even went as far as to document creations, video production, and Photo Productions. The following year we made our move from Arizona to Texas.

From 2003 to now, we continued with all the IT services. At this time, we made the first move to be a full-service MSP. With the services that we offered at the time, we changed again to Cy-Quest Global. We've seen the market change and noted the need to not only be an MSP, but offered managed cybersecurity with our packages, we started being MSSP. After becoming an MSSP we started offering VoIP telephone service, HIPAA compliance, and disaster and recovery backup systems. Today we offer enterprise-class service to SMBs across the world, with the changes that we have made we are able to offer one billing on a subscription basis for many services. Running subscription base has allowed us to lower the cost of all our services and run a model that will allow us to protect our clients 24/7 all year round.

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