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About Us

Securing the globe from the heart of Texas.

We are more than just your run of the mill I.T. Consultancy company.

We are your partners.

Here at Cy-Quest Global, we do not see ourselves as just your MSP or cyber security company. We are part of your team. As part of your team we strive to keep your business operational and healthy 24/7. We have solutions for small businesses all the way to Enterprise class companies.

As a partner in your business we want to save you money and time while protecting your assets. We tailor your I.T. policies for the needs of your business, not from a prebuilt cookie cutter template.

As an entrepreneur we are your business partner. We are there to give you the absolute best IT and cybersecurity advice because if you succeed we succeed. Having a strong technology solution provider behind you can help with getting investors and gaining the confidence of the people who have already invested in your endeavor.

On the home front, we are there to be the guardians of your family. We offer a robust residential and home office set up that will keep you safe. As many of us are parents ourselves, we feel the need to protect the very essence of our lives which happen to be our children and the businesses that feed those children. For instance, we contact school districts and parents if their child’s information is being sold.

In a nutshell, for 30 years we have taken ownership and pride in the services we offer your businesses, offices, and households.

We are Cy-Quest Global.

Pioneers in Customer Solutions

We tailor your cyber security around your needs which includes disaster policies, 24 hour monitoring, and breach deterrence.

We strive to make cyber security issues and outages no longer impactful to your business.

Management Pillars

A strong team with years of experience

Perry Languirand


Rick Phipps


Patrica Garcia


Marcus Allen

Head of IT

Lani Phipps

Head of Vender Services

Greg Black

Head of Client Services

Shaun Phipps

Head of Security