Fortify your defenses with our cloud-first Endpoint Security solution. It combines EDR and NGAV for real-time visibility across your devices, stopping attacks, speeding up detection, simplifying threat hunting, and allowing for immediate response – all in one place.


The Cy-Quest MXDR team empowers you to stay ahead of cyber threats with their interactive, risk-focused approach, encompassing prevention, detection, and response – all within a single, comprehensive security lifecycle.

Managed Cloud SIEM

Get immediate security value with our Managed Cloud SIEM. Always up-to-date, it automatically analyzes data across your systems, providing pre-built dashboards and clear visualizations. Simplified search empowers fast investigation, turning complex data into actionable insights.


GRC streamlines security and compliance. It empowers organizations to assess their security posture, pinpoint areas for improvement, and manage a holistic security program. With ever-growing compliance demands, GRC ensures accurate documentation and efficient tracking, becoming an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.


The Perfect Solution For All The Protection Question

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advanced SASE

Cy-Quest Global's SASE solution empowers secure work-from-anywhere access. With low latency and unified security technologies, it seamlessly adapts to your dynamic needs. This consolidation significantly reduces risk, keeping your data protected.

ZTNA offers a secure alternative to VPNs. Unlike VPNs granting full network access, ZTNA encrypts connections only to authorized resources. This "deny-by-default" approach further strengthens security by blocking unverified devices and preventing attackers from moving laterally within the network.

Stay secure on public Wi-Fi with our automatic Wi-Fi Security and built-in Privacy VPN. This solution encrypts all your traffic, protecting your data from prying eyes. Plus, it masks your IP address, keeping your online activity private and preventing location tracking.

Cy-Quest Global's SASE goes beyond basic website blocking. Using web proxy content filtering, it analyzes the entire URL to make more precise decisions. This lets you block specific pages within a website, giving you granular control and allowing access to safe areas while restricting harmful content.

The built-in Next-Gen Firewall secures traffic and helps businesses enforce granular access control policies down to a user and device level. As a cloud-based firewall, it eliminates the need for expensive hardware and ongoing firewall updates while making it easy to scale without complex set-ups.

Cy-Quest Global's SASE enforces a Software-Defined Perimeter, securing your cloud and on-premise applications. This invisible shield hides your infrastructure from attackers, granting access only to verified users and preventing unauthorized attempts.

Cy-Quest Global's SASE integrates seamlessly with your existing identity provider. This powerful combo allows you to enforce strong security measures like multi-factor authentication and set conditional access policies, ensuring only authorized users can access specific resources.